BEWARE: Sandstorms Thrash Westward

/BEWARE: Sandstorms Thrash Westward

BEWARE: Sandstorms Thrash Westward

“BEWARE: Sandstorms Thrash Westward”

If I haven’t made myself clear thus far, the West is not all blue skies and singalongs around the campfire. Speaking truly, which I always try to do, the West is filled with more things looking to kill you than anywhere else in the explored world.

Besides the trigger fingers of your fellow saw-toothed scavengers, the most deadly thing you’ll encounter while out in the world of WANTED–well, that’d be the SANDSTORMS.



These wicked sandstorms form around our region like maelstroms of rock and sand, trapping combatants within a wall of thrashing grit. These storms don’t stop twisting across the land until the whole damn map lays under its earthen veil. Anybody caught underneath–they forever belong to the storm.

As you conquest to win rounds in WANTED, you’ll do battle in the eye of the storm, the clear-sky battlefield that shrinks as time passes. As the clock counts down, you’ll find the sandstorm forcing you and fellow survivors further inward, closer to one another and closer to one victor prevailing over the rest.



Technically speaking, our early looks at this phenomenon don’t fully encompass how deadly these storms can be, but there’s still much more to uncover.

Still, that wall of thrashing darkness should get the point home–you don’t want to be caught in one of these hellstorms. On only the second day after my arrival in the West, my dearest cat, Martinique, chased a field mouse into a sandstorm and I’ve never seen him since! I miss my Martinique, but let his misplaced curiosity (and bloodlust) serve as a lesson to you all.



Do not trifle with a sandstorm.


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express


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