Trains Push WANTED’s Players Further Into Battle Royale

Time and time again, I find myself completely astounded by the marvels found out here in the West. Sometimes, something as spectacularly simple as a sunrise crawling over the glowing mesas can remind me why I fled…er, “peacefully retreated” the East Coast to come out West.

But today I present to you, dear readers, a marvel that isn’t just part of the serene landscape, but a modern, mechanical beast that moves across it.

That’s right–we’ve got ourselves a locomotive. A steam engine! A rail-riding testimony to human ingenuity! And we got a whole fleet of them!

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Pinkertons Come West With Free Steam Keys

“Pinkertons Come West With Free Steam Keys” Dearest readers, consider this a letter from the Editor–that being me–as I’d like to announce the Pinkertons have arrived in our dear town. What’s worse is that they’ve taken quite the keen interest in yours truly, Ike “Inkblot” Brewster, and the release of my newest “Keys to Success” […]

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WANTED’S Progress Comes “Streaming” In

“WANTED’S Progress Comes ‘Streaming’ In” Whew-wee, does it feel good to have my fingers back upon this here typewriter. As some of my readers may have noticed, ol’ Inkblot Brewster took a hiatus from the writing. That is not to say, however, that it was a planned vacation. What was intended to be a short […]

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