Nathan Weatherford
Nathan WeatherfordLead Designer
Nathan founded Cat Code Games to fulfill his dream of producing games. As the Lead Designer and business owner, he wears a lot of hats on WANTED. His main goal is to ensure an intuitive and fun experience for the player by working with the entire team.
Danielle Soloski
Danielle SoloskiCommunity Manager
Danielle is an avid social media user and loves taking part in online communities, organizing events, and watches entirely too much Twitch.

Danielle’s role is to provide feedback to the rest of the development team on community opinions of features for WANTEDso they don’t mess anything up too badly!

Ewan Moshi
Ewan MoshiLead Programmer
Abimael Gonzalez
Abimael Gonzalez3D Prop Artist
>3 years doing CG content.
>High and lowpoly modeling Skill (Zbrush, 3Ds Max).
>Retopology Knowledge and Uvs (3D-Coat, 3dsMax, TopoGun).
>Texture Baking for Unreal4, Unity (Marmoset, Substance).
>Unreal & Unity Asset integration Knowledge.
>Intermediate Programming and Knowledge for Prototyping in Unity.
>Basic Blueprints for prototype in UE4 and VR VIVE.
Alexey MakCharacter Technical Artist
Matthew Hanson
Matthew HansonSocial Media Manager
While following his dream to being a successful Twitch and YouTube content creator, Matthew has picked up quite a bit of experience in using Social Media to promote his channels. He’s currently using these skills as the official Social Media Manager for WANTED. He’s tasked with making sure all of the game announcements are given to the public in a well formatted and relevant way.
Silvan MelnikUI Designer
EngelsGraphic Designer
ChrisContent Curator
Marine Corps veteran currently finishing up a degree in information systems. His role in this development is to assist the marketing team by providing up to date content.
Robert Heize
Robert HeizeConcept Artist
A professional 2D artist, Rob has worked on several freelance projects, including background art for the animated short Bird Feed.

Rob is responsible for designing period correct and fun clothing for WANTED.

Check out Robert’s work here.

MarkMarketing Admin
WolfLead Level Designer
Been a gamer since I was a kid, it’s been a hobby that I use to unwind from a hard days work. This hobby has turned into a passion of mine to not only play, but to create. I began investing time into learning the Unreal Engine, development workflows, Programming, and now I’m focused on level design. Taking some courses on game development along with a lot of time spent running through documents, books, and tutorials helped push me into opportunities to create some pretty cool things.
Vin ChauAnimation Artist
Richard GreenleesProgrammer
Michal Serwicki
Michal SerwickiLevel Designer
Gaming and esport is my entire life. Now I’m investing my time and game knowledge to start creating my own games. Level designing giving me the freedom to create whatever I want so my goal is to be a full-time level designer.


Roman Chisathovskiy
Roman Chisathovskiy3D Character Artist
Roman Studied in Shevchenko State Art School and National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. His extensive experience in traditional painting and sculpture have helped him sculpt the human anatomy.
ZonkyTheDonkeyDiscord Server Owner
Runs the Gamer’s Garage on Discord.
Michael Kinsey
Michael KinseyEnvironment Artist
Mike is a self-taught 3D artist with a passion for bringing 3D worlds to life. Everything from Props, Textures, Environment Design, and World Building to using technical knowledge in shaders and programming. Mike is always looking push his skills to achieve the best graphical fidelity possible with real time engines.
Alex Lashko
Alex Lashko3D Character Artist
3D Character Artist with over 10 years of industry experience, focusing on real-time assets for games.
Ted Mebratu
Ted Mebratu3D Artist
Richard Court
Richard CourtEnvironment Artist
James Arkwright
James Arkwright3D Artist