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Integrated and Communicated

“Integrated and Communicated”

The project moves ever-forward, my dear readers! Successes are found in every step, and this week’s triumphs for WANTED: Dead Men Walking are found in the back-end.

Ehm, if you’d excuse me, I may need to rephrase. The technical jargon can sometimes be lost on someone like myself. A good, conventional man like myself.

There is an apparatus–a platform, known as STEAM. This platform, which I can only assume is steam-powered, is what W:DMW will use to connect users across the globe to one another. Much like the soon-to-be world-renowned Pony Express, our battle royale will soon reach as far as the eye can see–and beyond!



This week, the team worked their magic to allow friends to invite one another to the W:DMW servers via their Friends list on STEAM. I haven’t the slightest clue why you would keep a list of dear friends on a machine that could blow searing-hot steam in your face at any second, but I’m told that this is fantastic forward progress. With time, friends will be hitching their wagons to one another as they begin their westward trek!

And in that spirit, what good is life out in the Wild West if you can’t have a conflab with your compatriots? You know, a chit-chat with your companions! A conversation with your crew!

Those of you who were kind enough to participate in our recent stress test may have noticed that you couldn’t to hear the voices of your fellow players. Those days are behind us–W:DMW now includes proximity voice chat. Prepare yourselves for what will surely be a most civilized discussion among other frontier enthusiasts.



Everything mentioned above should be available for our upcoming stress test for you to try, but don’t forget about the other perks that come with participation. I do hope we’ll see you then!


Ah, and one final note. More of a request really, a favor for your newest friend, Inkblot Brewster. As friends begin to invite one another westward, I’d imagine many of you are about to leave city life behind you. If any of you could be so kind as to acquire some more printing ink for yours truly–about 600 gallons would be just fine–I would truly appreciate it. If you happen to be departing from the Virginia area, listen close: DO NOT TELL THEM WHO THE INK IS FOR.


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express


Editor’s Question of the Day: What other integrations would you like W:DMW to have?

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