Mapping the Wild West

“Mapping the Wild West”

Readers, a recent survey was conducted in and around the nearby territory that we among the WANTED project have come to call home. This survey, conducted from the air, if you can believe it, gained us some fantastic images of the landscape that you’ll soon battle upon.

These renderings show rolling, rugged hills and towering plateaus–as well as a canyon-bound river! Can you believe that?


As our map of the area comes closer to finalization, take wicked comfort in the fact that majestic geographical monuments such as these will fill WANTED’S playspace. Nothing is final, but as you can see, things are about to get bloody in some very beautiful places.

‘So how was one able to get aerial images all the way out in the American frontier?’ you might ask. It’s a good question indeed. Well, there’s a new arrival in the land of the West, and her name is Delia. Lovely, lovely Delia.

A Frenchwoman, Delia followed her passion for aircrafts and the like, and one day after building her own dirigible, she just took off and didn’t set down again until she fancied what she saw. I like to think it was me she saw from all the way up there because Delia landed that dirigible of hers just outside our little encampment. She’s been with us ever since.

Not too long after, a professional photographer–if you can even call him that–arrived in town as well. His name is Lorne and I consider him to be a genuine ass. Lorne and Delia have paired their skills, and now she flies him all over the Western sky in her dirigible so that he may shoot his silly pictures.

But the pictures he takes are the best way to show you, our future player’s, what’s in store out here. This battle royale is going to blow your expectations of what a battlezone should look like out of the water. Or into the water, if you happen to be near that awesome river.

These are but a few of the images that our two-person survey team returned with–we’ll be showing more as the photos finish processing in Lorne’s red room. Lorne, thinking he’s so fancy with his room that is red. Nobody cares, Lorne, about a stupid red room!

Excuse me, The Pony Express is not a place for me to air my grievances. I’m in the West now–I do things the Western way! I’ll get drunk and challenge Lorne to a bout of fisticuffs like a REAL COWPOKE.

Yes, good…But first I’m going to show Delia the tarantula I found in my outhouse. I do hope she likes tarantulas.


EDITOR’S QUESTION OF THE DAY: Thinking about current battle royale titles, what’s your opinion on the size of the map?


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express

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  • ilsoe
    February 14, 2018 at 10:47 PM Reply
    Mighty fine writing Inkblot. I think the size of the map should reflect number of players spawning in. Can't have it too slow on a map too big, I like my firefights!

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