Meet the Team: Mohammed Binaen

/Meet the Team: Mohammed Binaen

Meet the Team: Mohammed Binaen

“Meet the Team: Mohammed Binaen”

Oh my, we’ve got a very inspiring member of our team for you to meet this week. Our third showcase features Mohammed Binaen, who you may know as Unlae D, and he’s our 3D Character Rigger! Though I must say, Mohammed’s full of talents that add to every stage of WANTED’s development, and it feels wrong to just give him one title. Here, I’ll let him do the talking so you can see what I mean.

Mohammed, tell our readers a bit about what you do on WANTED and what you’re working on currently.

My main role is as a Character Rigger–you know, putting bones in the avatar’s body and making them move. I make the characters come to life…so that they can start killing each other. Great fun!

I mean it–it’s great fun. I’m filling these cowpokes with personality just by how they move and behave. I’m building them with a visual charm so the players, all of you reading, can feel an emotional attachment to them. It’s a great way for an artist to put their talent to work in the realm of game design.

Character rigging is my main role, but I also work towards finding new tech to add to WANTED. Stuff that’ll make the experience all that more sweet, all while still maintaining performance, of course.

In the future, I may start animating with our amazing Lead Animator, Bobby (Janis). You spoke to him not long ago, so you know he’s a great talent to work with.


What drove you to work on a project like W:DMW?

WANTED is a battle royale set in the Wild West. Can it get any better than that? WANTED’S setting is rich and inviting, which is what got me involved, but it’s working with the talented people on this team that keeps me going full-steam ahead.

From deadlines always being met to quality and performance continuing to rise–it’s all made for a work environment worth being in. So, WANTED’S setting was what got me in the door, but the work we’re doing now, it’s almost too fun to put down.


What influenced you to pursue your career as a Character Artist? What made you want to create art for games?

The games industry is an excellent place to build an artist’s skill set, which is exactly what I want to do so that I can continue to create high-quality content. I absolutely love the work I do now, but every great creator has his or her eye on a personal, passion-filled project.

I have big plans for where I want to take my craft, and those plans come in the form of a movie that I’m going to make. It’s going to be a full-CGI experience unlike any other! Using what I’ve learned in the games industry, I’ll have the experience and knowledge to reach my cinematic goal.

Of course, I have to mention my soon-to-be wife’s support. This career path is a challenging one, but she’s helped me every step of the way. Life could be very different without her loving support.


Mohammed, when you’re not working hard on W:DMW, how do you spend your time?

Like Henry said last week, my profession is also my passion. Because of this, I’m usually improving my animating and rigging skills in my free time. I like to experiment by combining animation with code to maximize the final product; I can’t think of any better way to spend my time–besides spending it with my partner. That’s gotta take the number one spot.

All this time spent improving my skills has really paid off, and I’ve got a lot to share with new devs. I’ve released several packs for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) that are available on the marketplace. In the hands of a beginner dev, these packs can really help bring things to the next level. So, you, if you’re out there and looking to dive into the world of UE4, my packs are here to help!


What’s the one thing you think fans should know about W:DMW

In keeping with our Wild West theme, we, the developers of WANTED, are sitting on a powder keg of potential and it’s just a short fuse away from an EXPLOSION OF AWESOMENESS. When that happens, our fans will be blown away. We won’t fail you–expect great things.


I cannot agree with the man more. This powder keg is gonna go off and, whew boy, WANTED’S gonna light up the Western skyline like an out-of-control wildfire. People like Mohammed are the only way we can get there. We’ll see you soon.


If you’re interested to learn more about Mohammed, as well as the other members of our stellar team, please look at our “MEET THE TEAM” page.


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express

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