Modular Building Makes Every Map a Mystery

/Modular Building Makes Every Map a Mystery

Modular Building Makes Every Map a Mystery

“Modular Building Makes Every Map a Mystery”

We always knew we weren’t the first pioneers to make the perilous trek west. Myself and the other members of the team, we were aware that brave (or perhaps foolish) souls took to this land with hopes of a fruitful future under the Western sky.

But those souls are all gone now. And here’s what they left behind.


This part of the frontier is scattered with settlements such as these. It’s a graveyard of ghost towns, and they’re all filled with untouched treasure.

The experts on our team (one of which will be featured in this week’s Pony Express) inform me that these towns are so widespread and well-crafted because the settlers used a Modular Building System.

Such a system allowed these folks, wherever they may be, to quickly erect settlements that shared similar structural elements, but were always uniquely different from the next.



What does this mean for you? I’m sure you noted my mention of treasure–though, I believe a more modern term is LOOT. We’re talking guns and ammo, armor and aid.

I’m proud to say, the West is lousy with loot, and this modular building system has ensured you’re never looting the same building twice. What lies inside these ever-changing, modular buildings are the keys to your shootout supremacy.



As many of you head west to join our soon-sprawling organization, you’ll surely want to get your hands on such loot. As competitors fight tooth-and-nail to uncover what’s hidden inside, these ghost towns are once again about to become BOOMTOWNS.

Saloons, banks, storehouses, and stables await you, future frontiersman. The system is in place to ensure that no map is the same–that no town will have already seen the glimmer of your loot-seeking eyes. Just remember: nothing is familiar in the land of unknown.


You might be wondering where those first settlers ran off to. It’s a question that’s also got this Editor (In-Chief) scratching his highly-distinguished head. Our team’s best guess? The sandstorms sent them running, but those wicked things are a story for another day.


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express


Editor’s Question of the Day: What type of places do you hope we find as we continue to explore? Ancient burial grounds? A mighty canyon? Please leave your ideas in the section below!

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