New Fashion Trends Storm the Frontier

The Pony Express is not your big-city catalogue that swoons at the vanity of a three-piece suit–oh no! We’re a proper publication that strives for integrity and intrigue. Don’t you ever let them tell you that Inkblot Brewster is making anything but a pivotal periodical!

Having said that, I would like to present some of the hottest styles that have come West.



As you can see, just because we’ve given up modern conveniences in our pursuit of WANTED: Dead Men Walking does not mean that we must dress like savages.

Individuality is important out here, and W:DMW  looks to give each pioneer a chance to find a look that’s all their own, while still making sure that there’s plenty of room for an armcoat arsenal.

The Pony Express will keep you keen to all the new styles that emerge onto the frontier.

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