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Partner FAQ

What is the Partner Program?

We made the Partner Program to help spread the word about Wanted and build interest for Wanted while also advertising cool people and communities. The Partner Program is open to Discord servers with over 500 members and content creators with a decent following.

What do I get for becoming a partner?

All of our partners get a @Partner role with access to the developer channels in our Discord where all of the details and decisions for the game are made, access to #partners-chat, a listing on our website with a link to your server at, and an weekly ad for your Discord server, website, twitch, or other in our #general-chat. Partners automatically get access to all of our scheduled playtests and if you’re a Partner for 3 months, you’ll get a free copy of the game when we enter closed alpha. If you’re a Partner for 6 months, you’ll also get a code for a unique cosmetic in-game: Partner’s Windbreaker Duster.

What do you expect from partners?

We host a monthly developer stream where we showcase a team member’s work on the game and do Q&A with the community at We are a small indie dev team and don’t have big game company marketing money so we want your help to announce our stream once per month so we can generate interest in the game and get feedback from as many people as possible.

Ready to partner with us? Email or ask about Partnership on our Discord!