The Pony Express Booms in Popularity

/The Pony Express Booms in Popularity

The Pony Express Booms in Popularity

“The Pony Express Booms in Popularity”

I’m not one for patting my own back. Hell, I can’t even reach my own back to pat it cause of the pain in my joints and the extra meat I carry on my shoulders. I’m a…broad man, you see.

But the WANTED head-honcho has shown me the numbers, and The Pony Express’ first month of publication has been an outstanding success.

The Pony Express has grown to over 1000 subscribers through our e-mail newsletter and over 700 hundred of that came in just the last week. To those who subscribe, you are incredible–truly.

While we’re on this wondrous topic, what on God’s green Earth does the “E” in “e-mail” stand for? Entomology? Entrails? El Dorado?

And where the hell’s the e-mail even get dropped off? Who picks it up from my office? Here I am writing the damn paper, and I do not have a delivery boy, so who’s sneaking into my damn office and taking my publication off the press?

I suppose I ought not to be mad at the phantom who steals my words. I am rather happy so many of you are looking forward to what’s ahead for WANTED. We’ve still got so, so much left to show you. WANTED: Dead Men Walking is going to be the BEST battle royale around.

And I must say, this incredible growth is all thanks to you, the fans of WANTED.

We hope that our updates keep you entertained and informed, and we hope you’ll share our progress with your compadres around the globe. You can help spread our project to the people who may not know we’re out there. Show them what’s to come, and show them the way to dear ol’ Ike.

Here’s a link to our newsletter with a field to sign up. Get it in front of your friends and…make them eat it or whatever one does with a link. The last link I had was made out of sausage and apparently it had gone bad because I had one deadly case of rubble-tummy the next day.

Our world is expanding, and we need to inform the people that the West is the new frontier. The more of you we can get out here, the faster you can start killing one another in rough-riding, battle royale style. After that, maybe we can all put the guns away for awhile and get to building a working plumbing system…and a brothel.

Your commitment is so gracious–we won’t let you down. You’ve made an old, washed-up writer very pleased. I drink in your honor tonight.


Editor’s Question of the Day: Seriously, what the hell’s an email and where can I find it?


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-in-Chief, The Pony Express

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