Scalping: A Savage Skillset

/Scalping: A Savage Skillset

Scalping: A Savage Skillset

“Scalping: A Savage Skillset”

Only a month out here on the ravaging, red-dirt range, and I have already seen things that would shake your bones and grey your hair. Since my hair is already quite grey and my hands are already at a constant shake on account of what the doctor calls “being a damn drunk,” I figured I should be the one who shares with you…THE HORRORS OF THE WEST.

This week’s horror is the act of scalping, which is–how to put this lightly–a real messy art.


In WANTED: Dead Men Walking, players engage in combat to the death, but death isn’t the last injustice that the loser will suffer. Victors can remove the scalp of their defeated enemies as a token of dominance, or just out of sheer viciousness.

No matter their mindset, once the victor removes the scalp of a dead player, it now belongs to the victor, fueling their bloodlust for the next fight. As a player continues to win fights, they can slice, string, and repeat all the way to the top of the pile. There, they stand alone as the winner of the round with a necklace of human mane hanging around their neck.

I apologize for the grizzly imagery–my journalistic standard has acclimated to this harsh world–because this is our Western reality.

The strangest and sadly, the most attractive thing about this heinous practice is what the player benefits that come from scalping.

Did the clever, charming, and kind Inkblot Brewster just write that benefit can be found in scalping another player?

Yes, you’re reading that correctly, reader, for scalping is the key to SKILL POINTS.

During your skirmishes out on the frontier, when you scalp an enemy, it unlocks a skill point to be used on a great variety of perks during that round. From the speed at which you can remove your weapon to how far your projectiles fly–scalps provide an opportunity for worthwhile combat advantages. Remember: this dark magic only applies to a single round–points and perks don’t carry over into future rounds.

So please, indulge in your darker side for a leg-up on your foes–apparently nobody around these parts is going to judge you for it. Guess it’s fine. Sure enough. Whatever you say, partner.

I pass out in the street ONE TIME after a night of spirited revelry at the saloon and I get my ass chewed out to hell and back. But if you come riding back into town with a handful of human headpiece in your hand, you’re welcomed with open arms and told what a good job you’ve done.

Hell of a world, hell of a world.

Don’t miss our next feature on the HORRORS OF THE WEST when we’ll be diving into the world of outhouses. They are the worst.


EDITORS QUESTION OF THE DAY: What kind of temporary skills do you think should be available to a player after they’ve scalped their enemy?


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-in-Chief, The Pony Express

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