Stress Test Results in Huge Success

/Stress Test Results in Huge Success

Stress Test Results in Huge Success

Even in these early days of WANTED: Dead Men Walking, the team is triumphing! It’s been reported that during last week’s stress test, nearly 70 volunteers showed up to help prove what the W:DMW servers were capable of.



These volunteers helped us prove that our servers were up to the test with room to spare. We’re full-steam ahead and things are looking bright. Though, the sun’s bearing down constantly, so that may be why it’s so bright. It’s ever so hot out here.

I didn’t know a darn thing about servers, so I thought to ask the team. They described them as the tunnels we’re making as we drill through the mountain range that blocks our progress further west. The more people that can travel safely through these tunnels without the walls collapsing, the better!

The team would like me to communicate their deep gratitude to all the volunteers that showed up to help with this stress test. You represent that teamwork we’ll need to survive the harsh frontier. Thank you.

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