The Beauty of the West

“The Beauty of the West”

I’m afraid that I come off as a cynic, maybe even a bastard, when I constantly talk about how life out on the frontier is dangerous. Sure, you might run out of water and become a buzzard buffet, or you may fall into a ravine, breaking both of your legs in a place that just happens to be the biggest rattlesnake den in all of the territory.

Dagnabit, I’m doing it again! Though, those are both true stories. Rest in peace, Pete and Moe–I hardly knew ye.


But today, I’d instead like to showcase the beauty that can be found on the open range. WANTED’s map features vistas that can take your breath away (also a side effect of a snakebite) and it’s filled with various types of flora and geographical formations that add serenity to what will surely become a blood-soaked battlefield when you fine folk arrive.



WANTED’s team is hard at work surveying the entire territory so we can soon show you more images of where you’ll wage war in our upcoming battle royale.

WANTED’s worldspace will reflect the true West, from the towering red rock mountains to the hardy, exotic plant life that’s managed to survive out here.

Heh, you know, those plants are just like us. They said nobody could live out here in the rugged West, but here we are surviving…for now.

EDITOR’S QUESTION OF THE DAYShould WANTED’s environment have effects on the player as they traverse the map?


Ike “Inkblot” Brewster

Editor-In-Chief, The Pony Express

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